Radiation Safety Office


  All persons working with radioactive materials or radiation producing machines must register as a radiation worker and complete the applicable radiation safety training.  Persons who may receive a radiation dose in excess of ten percent of the regulatory dose limit must obtain a dosimeter badge from the Radiation Safety Office to be worn between the waist and shoulders while such work is in progress. Persons who risk exposure to their hands from sources of high energy beta or gamma emitting radionuclides or from radiation machines will also be issued a ring badge.

  In order to register as a radiation worker or to obtain a radiation monitoring device each radiation worker must complete a Radiation badging application.

  Each authorized user is responsible for ensuring proper wearing of dosimetry and timely exchange of radiation badges at the end of each month\quarter. Personal monitoring devices are processed monthly or quarterly and must be received at the RSO by the 10th of each month from radiation workers on the Pullman campus and the 15th of each month by radiation workers at the various outlying sites.

In order to register as a radiation worker or to receive a personal dosimeter, you must fill out all of the required forms and complete Radiation Safety Office training. RSO training courses are listed here: /training/training.html

Radiation badging application.







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