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Laboratory Surveys

The safe use of radioactive materials includes periodic monitoring and survey of all areas where significant quantities of radioactive materials are used or stored. Good radioactive material handling practices are evaluated or confirmed by surveys. Complete a laboratory survey form for each survey.

In order to ensure the safe use of radioactive materials in University laboratories, as required by WAC 246-221-110 , monitoring must be conducted by both laboratory and Radiation Safety Office personnel. The authorized users, who constitute the first level of control and responsibility, must perform routine laboratory monitoring to evaluate and ensure their safe use of radioactive materials. The Radiation Safety Office will also perform confirmatory laboratory surveys in all campus locations where radioactive materials are used or stored.

The authorized user must perform the required laboratory surveys (including both swipes and survey meter readings) and enter the results into the logbook according to the schedule dictated for that laboratory and classification. The Radiation Safety Office classifies laboratories in accordance with the monthly level of use of radioactivity of four hazard groups of isotopes.

Note: H-3 only users are not required to use survey meters (swipes only) when completing laboratory surveys.

There are only three scintillation fluids currently approved by the State of Washington Department of Ecology as non-hazardous. Using one of these three will keep your scintillation waste from becoming a mixed waste.


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