Radiation Safety Office

Scheduling Radioactive Waste Pickups

Radioactive waste pickups may be arranged by using our on-line form @ www.rso.wsu.edu/radwastepickup.htm When you contact us, please provide the following information:

  • Name and phone number of person calling.
  • Name of Authorized User (P. I.)
  • Location (building name and room number) of waste.
  • Type, number and size of waste containers to be picked up along with the size and number of desired replacement containers.
  • If special arrangements must be made to pick up waste (i.e. lab is occupied only at certain times, etc.), please include this information in your message.

Omission of any of the above information may delay the removal of radioactive waste from your facility.

A Radioactive Waste Receipt form (see Definitions and Examples ) is required for each container of radioactive waste you wish picked up. The waste form must be completely filed out with the exception of the section marked " RSO USE ONLY ." If all information is not provided, your waste cannot be picked up. When filling out the chemical form section please use only full chemical name, not chemical formulae or acronyms. The waste form also has guidelines for waste segregation on the back to the top (white) copy.

Please try to plan in advance and allow up to 5 business days for pickup of waste.

Containers must be free of external contamination when presented for pickup. The RSO will verify the absence of loose surface contamination upon delivery to our waste processing facility.

Many waste streams contain more than one hazard, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 335-3041 or www.ehs.wsu.edu for assistance with biological and chemical waste questions.


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