Radiation Safety Requirements for Academic

Courses Using Radioactive Material at WSU



General Authorization Requirements

Use of radioactive material in the classroom situation is an exception from the normal laboratory environment.  Therefore, application for authorization will be treated separately from the user's research authorization.  Each proposed use in a classroom situation will be authorized individually by the Radiation Safety Committee.  The Radiation Safety Office philosophy is that more can be learned from a hands-on experiment than from a demonstration.  Each experiment must be conducted with proper review, education, and safety under the direct supervision of an authorized user.


The information provided to the committee on the application form (Safety Policies and Procedures Manual, pages S90.20.4-.10) must include a complete experimental description, usually the introductory material from a laboratory manual describing the purpose, materials needed, procedures, and desired results.  These data must be provided in addition to the general information required in Items 1.-5. of the application.  For courses having no existing laboratory manual, a detailed outline must be submitted.  The maximum activity for each isotope used by each student must also be listed.  Please submit the application for classroom use of radioactive materials well in advance so as to prevent any delays in conducting the experiments.  The RSO reserves the right to attend the course for radiation safety review.  Renewal of the course authorization will be accomplished by submission of the renewal application concurrently with the submission of the user's research authorization.


A list of the students participating in the course/experiment must be submitted prior to commencement of actual use of radioactive materials.



All individuals participating in an experiment involving radioactive material must be trained in accordance with WAC 246-222-030.  The scope of this training will be determined by the Radiation Safety Committee based on the nature and frequency of the experiments to be conducted.  Additional (standard) Radiation Safety training will be necessary if the participants continue to work in an authorized radioactive materials laboratory following completion of the subject radioactive materials course.



Personal monitoring and bioassay services provided the individuals in the class will be based on the number and type of experiments to be conducted during the course.  For full semester courses dosimetry applications must be received at least three weeks prior to work with radioactive material.



The actual experimental procedures using radioactive materials will be consistent with ALARA principles and directly supervised by an authorized user.  All users will adhere strictly to those procedures described in the application.



The waste generated in a classroom situation will be collected and reported separately from the authorized user's normal laboratory procedures.  The purpose of this requirement is to provide the students with an opportunity to describe and document the waste generated.  The activity and complete chemical composition of the waste should be included as part of the laboratory write-up.  Immediate pickup by the RSO may be scheduled as necessary.



A radiation survey, an integral part of using radioactive materials, will be completed at the end of the class period or experiment using radioactive material by the students under the supervision of the authorized user.  The survey should encompass all areas and equipment used in the laboratory.  For an area that is a multiple-use laboratory the survey must be completed before the laboratory can be released to the next class.  The user must document date, time and counts for all areas.  Survey results should also be included in the laboratory write-ups, which must address contamination and radiation fields indicated by the survey.


A check-out survey must be conducted by the Radiation Safety Office prior to the end of the semester for designated laboratories or at the termination of a single experiment, as appropriate.  The check-out survey must be scheduled with Radiation Safety so that the survey can be completed prior to release of the spaces for other uses.