Radiation Safety Office

Washington State University

Radiation Protection Program Manual

Table of Contents


I. Introduction and Statement of Purpose

   A. Institutional Requirements and Philosophy

   B. Regulatory Requirements

II. Responsibilities and Lines of Authority

   A. Administrative Structure

   B. Radiation Safety Committee

      1. Charter

      2. Related WSU Standing Committees

   C. Radiation Safety Office

      1. Mission

      2. Objectives

      3. Goals

      4. Functions

      5. Organization

      6. Structure

   D. Director, Radiation Safety Office

      1. Responsibilities

      2. Authorization

   E. Authorized Users

III. Authorization to Use Sources of Ionizing Radiation

   A. Radioactive Material

      1. New Application

      2. Renewal and Amendment Applications

      3. Review Procedure

      4. Temporary Approvals

   B. Radiation Machines

      1. General

      2. Existing Machines

IV. Radiation Safety and Radiation Control Policy

   A. Radiation Safety

   B. Radiation Control Policy

      1. General

      2. Responsibilities Upon Separation

   C. Authorized User Responsibilities

   D. Individual Radiation Worker Responsibilities

      1. General

      2. Responsibilities Upon Separation

V. Acquisition of Sources of Ionizing Radiation

   A. General

   B. Radioactive Materials

      1. Purchase Order Approval

      2. Blanket Purchase Orders

      3. Delivery of Incoming Radioactive Materials

      4. Branch Campuses and Research and Extension Centers

      5. Transfers of Radioactive Materials

      6. Radioactive Materials Inventory

   C. Radiation Machines

      1. Radiation Safety Committee Purview

      2. Procurement

VI. Safe Use of Sources of Ionizing Radiation

   A. Radioactive Materials

      1. General Laboratory Requirements

      2. Basic Laboratory Practices

      3. Security and Control

      4. Safe Handling

      5. Contamination Control

      6. Time, Distance, and Shielding

   B. Radiation Machines

      1. Authorized User Responsibilities

      2. Operator Responsibilities

      3. Radiation Safety Office Responsibilities

   C. General Safety Practices

      1. Chemical Hazards

      2. Biological Hazards

      3. Other Hazards

VII. Disposition of Sources of Ionizing Radiation

   A. Transfer

      1. Radioactive Materials

      2. Radiation Machines

      3. Other (Radioactive) Equipment

   B. Radioactive Waste Disposal

      1. General

      2. Waste Collection

      3. Radioactive Waste Storage

      4. Disposal to Sanitary Sewer System

      5. Release to the Atmosphere

      6. Radioactive Waste Incineration

      7. Radioactive Waste Packaging and Labeling

VIII. Radiation Protection Standards and Guidelines

   A. ALARA and Campus Goals

   B. Training

   C. Dosimetry

      1. Personnel Monitoring

      2. Bioassays

   D. Records

   E. Medical Surveillance

      1. Excessive Radiation Exposure

      2. Excessive Exposure to Chemical or Biological Hazards

   F. Postings and Labelings

      1. General

      2. Room or Area

      3. Containers

IX. Laboratory Monitoring

   A. Authorized User Responsibilities

      1. Survey Methods

      2. Survey Frequency and Multi-User Facilities

      3. Where to Survey

      4. How to Record Surveys

      5. General Laboratory Practices

      6. Inspection of Records

   B. Radiation Safety Office Responsibilities

      1. General

      2. Laboratory Surveys

      3. Sealed Source Leak Tests

      4. Survey Meter Calibration

X. Emergency and Other Abnormal Situations

   A. Emergency Procedures

      1. Spills

      2. Spill with Airborne Hazard

      3. Bioassays and Medical Surveillance

   B. General Decontamination Procedures

      1. Introduction

      2. Decontamination Procedures

      3. Personal Decontamination

      4. Further Guidance for Personal Decontamination

      5. General Area and Equipment Decontamination

   C. Other Abnormal Situations

XI. Special Provisions for Outlying Sites

   A. Scope

   B. Clarification by Section

      1. Section III

      2. Section V

      3. Section VI

      4. Section VIII

      5. Section IX

   C. Radiation Safety Instructions for Outlying Sites

XII. Radioisotope Description Sheets

XIII. Forms

XIV. Definitions and Acronyms

XV. References

   A. WAC 246-221 Radiation Protection Standards

   B. WAC 246-222 Radiation Protection -- Worker Rights

XVI. Current RSO Memoranda to Users

XVII. Current Safety Policies and Procedures, Section S90.


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