III.      Authorization to Use Sources of Ionizing Radiation

III.A.    Radioactive Material


                        Each individual who desires to utilize radioactive materials in a facility which is either owned by or associated with Washington State University, or in a program under the administrative control of Washington State University, must make written application to the Radiation Safety Committee for permission to utilize radioactive materials.  The application shall consist of a completed "Application for Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials."  A copy of the application form presently in use

at this link, http://www.wsu.edu/manuals_forms/PDF/SPPM/S90-20-6-11.pdf


            Every authorized user of radioactive material must submit a renewal application at regular intervals of two years.  Each time a change in the type or quantity of radioactive materials authorized, or in location utilized, is desired, an application for amendment of the current authorization must be submitted.  Any significant changes in the intended use of isotopes (e.g., experiments in vitro to in vivo, or use of a new protocol) also require an amendment of the authorization.  Prior consultation with the Radiation Safety Office is encouraged.


a.         The Radiation Safety Office will review all applications for authorization to use radioactive materials to ensure that they are properly and completely filled out before being sent to the Committee for review.

b.         The Radiation Safety Committee will review each application and communicate the results of the review to the applicant.  The Committee will make a determination that the proposed utilization includes adequate precautions to assure the health and safety of personnel involved as well as of the general public.  The Committee will also ascertain that the applicant has adequate training and experience to conduct or supervise the proposed utilization of radioactive materials, and also that the facilities available are adequate to conduct the proposed work safely.  The Committee may request additional information from the applicant to assist in making the determination, or it may impose special conditions or requirements for such activities as personal monitoring or waste disposal or laboratory surveys, as it deems necessary.  The decision of the Radiation Safety Committee is final.

c.         The Radiation Safety Office will send each successful applicant a "Cover Sheet for Authorized User" form after the Committee has reviewed and approved the application. 

d.         The Radiation Safety Office will issue a Corrected Cover Sheet as needed to provide administrative revisions or corrections (e.g., such as change of laboratory class -- see Section IX) without Committee review.

III.A.4. Temporary Approvals

                        The Director, Radiation Safety Office is delegated the authority to grant temporary approval for minor changes to a user's authorization as noted in Subsection II.D.2.  All temporary approvals will be reviewed and acted upon by the Committee at the next committee meeting.  Temporary authorization will generally not be granted to new users.

III.B.                Radiation Machines


            The procurement, registration, and utilization of all radiation machines at Washington State University must be reviewed and approved by the Radiation Safety Committee.  The applicable state regulations regarding these devices are:

a.         WAC 246-224, "Radiation Protection -- Machine Assembly and Registration"

b.         WAC 246-225, "Use of X-Rays in the Healing Arts,"

c.         WAC 246-228, "Radiation Safety Requirements for Analytical X-Ray Equipment,"             and

d.         WAC 246-229, Radiation Safety for Particle Accelerators."

            The procurement and utilization of radiation machines will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the applicable regulations.


                        The Director, Radiation Safety Office maintains an inventory of all radiation machines on campus, and ensures that all applicable regulations relating to the safe operation of such devices are followed.  This function includes, but is not limited to, supervising any required radiation surveys and maintaining a record of the results of such surveys.