Acquiring Radioactive Materials and Radiation Machines

How to Acquire Radioactive Materials or Radiation Producing Machines

Radioactive Materials or Radioactive Machines can only be ordered by people working for current Authorized Users.  It is the AU’s responsibility to ensure that all radioactive materials and radiation producing machines are ordered appropriately.

Prior Approval:

The Radiation Safety Office approves  all acquisitions of radioactive materials and radiation machines in advance. Acquisitions include purchases, gifts, and transfers.

Minimum Contents Required on Purchase Order for RSO Review:     

Radioactive Materials

1. Radioisotope and chemical form.
2. Activity.
3. Authorized User (specified as the technical contact on the Departmental Requisition).
4. Shipper, donor and/or transferor.

Radiation Machines

1. Authorized User (specified as the technical contact on the Departmental Requisition).
2. Type of machine (accelerator, radiographic, XRD).
3. Manufacturer and model number.

Credit Cards:

Credit Cards may NOT be used for paying for Radioactive Materials or Radiation Producing Machines.

Tracking an Order:

The RSO accepts only field orders and blanket orders for the purchase of radioactive materials or radiation machines. All orders must obtain a written (initialed and dated) approval from the RSO. The approved order is returned to the submitter who then has the responsibility of forwarding the approved order to purchasing

Blanket Orders:

Blanket purchase orders for users who routinely purchase specific radionuclides are permitted. All blanket purchase orders must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Radiation Safety Office. Delivery instructions must designate the Radiation Safety Office as the consignee for each shipment.

Receipt and Delivery:

Radioactive materials must be received on the Pullman campus only during university working hours. Deliveries at any other times, such as holidays and weekends, are not allowed.

The Radiation Safety Office receives, inspects and surveys all incoming radioactive materials, except specific items delivered directly to the VTH. Authorized Users are not to receive radioactive materials directly from the vendor, except in the case of an Authorized User at a non-Pullman location. (See below).

After surveying the incoming package, Radiation Safety personnel deliver the materials to the Authorized User on the WSU Pullman campus.

If radioactive materials are inadvertently delivered directly to an Authorized User’s laboratory, the RSO must be notified immediately in order that proper receiving surveys can be made and that the RSO’s radioactive material inventory control system can be up-dated.

Delivery to User:

Delivery is made to the user’s laboratory. If no one is available in the laboratory to receive the order, Radiation Safety personnel will attempt delivery through the department office. If refused, the package will be returned to the Radiation Safety Office.

If received materials would cause the user to exceed possession limits, the Radiation Safety Office will not deliver the material. Radiation Safety personnel will attempt to contact the Authorized User as soon as possible in such instances.

The Radiation Safety Office may elect not to deliver radioactive materials if the Authorized User is not in compliance with university radiation safety practices orprotocols.

Perishable Materials:

Researchers should place orders for perishable materials carefully to ensure that such materials arrive during regular business hours and can be processed without delay.

Non-Pullman Locations:

Materials and machines shipped to Non-Pullman locations require the same approval process outlined above.   However, delivery is made directly to the Authorized User, provided that:

  • The Radiation Safety Office approves each requisition, a copy of which is sent to the RSO concurrently with mailing the requisition to the vendor.
  • The recipient surveys the package upon receipt for exposure and contamination. (A wipe of the outside container must be taken, analyzed within 24 hours, and the results recorded.)
  • The recipient must notify the Radiation Safety Office in writing of receipt of the material by means of the Radioactive Delivery Record. (link to form)
  • The recipient maintains appropriate records.