Radiation Detection Instruments

Count Rate Instruments

Survey meters are not required for users of S35, H3, P33, or C14, however it is recommended that if you have instruments,  you have them calibrated annually.

Users of other isotopes must have calibrated count rate survey meters available.

All required survey instruments on campus must be on the RSO inventory.  Upon purchase, contact RSO to ensure that your instrument is added to the inventory.  You must also provide the calibration paperwork.  You may also use an Amendment Application (found below) to add or remove instruments.


Survey instruments must be calibrated at least once each year.  It is the AU’s responsibility to ensure their meters are calibrated.

The Radiation Safety Office provides calibrations free of charge upon request for most count rate survey meters.  Please fill out the Calibration Request Form at the bottom of this page to request calibration.  Survey instruments that can not be calibrated in-house will need to  be sent to a service provider.  In these cases, it is the responsibility of the AU to arrange for the shipping and calibration of the instruments.  Contact RSO for a list of service providers.

Authorized Users may always elect to utilize the calibration services of another qualified provider. The authorized user must submit a copy of the calibration certification to the RSO immediately after calibration. The annual calibration frequency must still be maintained.

Count rate survey instruments that are not calibrated must be labled as “non-calibrated” or “out of service”.

If work with radioactive materials is to continue while an instrument is being calibrated or repaired, the authorized user may obtain a temporary loaner instrument from the RSO.


Dose Rate Instruments

Dose Rate Instruments are not required.    RSO recommends that dose rate meters be calibrated annually.   Authorized Users are responsible for the shipping and calibration of these instruments.  The RSO can provide AU’s with a list of service providers

Liquid Scintillation Counters

Users of S35, H3, P33, and C14 are required to have access to a Liquid Scintillation Counter for surveys.

All Liquid Scintillation Counters are tracked by the Radiation Safety Office.  New purchases must be reported to the RSO.

Authorized User Liquid Scintillation Counters are not calibrated or maintained by the RSO.  Authorized Users are responsible for keeping any LSC used for compliance surveys in compliance with Department of Health efficiency standards.  These standards can generally be met by running the Standards and Normalization (SNC) protocol weekly.  If an LSC is not in regular use, the SNC protocol should be performed within 7 days of using the LSC for compliance surveys.  The results of these protocols will be audited by the RSO during routine lab audits.