Under Revision

The WSU RPPM is currently undergoing revision to include new procedures based on the adoption of our new database system.   The new RPPM will be a user friendly, question based document that will cover all aspects of radiation use at WSU.

WSU Radiation Protection Manual

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

All activities that may result in potential radiation exposure to students, faculty, and staff must be reviewed and approved by the Radiation Safety Committee.

It is a policy at WSU that every effort shall be made to maintain occupational radiation exposure as low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA). “Radiation” means ionizing radiation, i.e., gamma rays and x-rays, alpha and beta particles, high speed electrons, and other nuclear particles.

Regulatory Requirements

The University, under the provisions of WAC 246, has a Type A specific license of broad scope for radioactive materials, No. WN-C003-1. State regulations pertaining to this type of license require the establishment of appropriate administrative controls to include a radiation safety committee, a radiation safety officer, and pertinent procedures.