Transfers or Gifts Between Authorized Users

All transfers of radioactive materials from one building to another on campus must be preapproved. This requires a transfer form to be completed and submitted to the Radiation Safety Office.

Radioactive material from the WSU nuclear reactor to a university lab requires a transfer form, even when the transfer contained within The Nuclear Science Center in order to document ownership from the NRC license to the State’s Broadscope License.

To transfer materials between Authorized Users please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you need assistance with transportation between buildings on campus please contact RSO at (509) 335-6763 or

If you are transferring between campuses, please coordinate transportation with RSO.

You will receive an email approval.

Transporting Transfers

Walking or driving radioactive materials across campus is considered transport.

Most materials can be transported by any WSU radiation worker within the WSU Pullman campus.  The Radiation Safety Office also provides transportation services upon request, please allow a one-day lead-time if requesting RSO transporting services.

Some items, such as high radiation materials, must be transported by a member of the Radiation Safety Office.   In these cases, a notation will placed on the transfer form and RSO will contact you to arrange for transportation.

Package Preparation

All packages used to transport radioactive materials must be strong tight containers that will not leak under normal transportation conditions (such as dropping, jarring, or temperature extremes). When transporting liquids, use at least twice the amount of absorbent needed to contain the entire volume in case the container should break or leak.

Label all packages properly using a radioactive warning label with the isotope, activity and date clearly marked.

Transport the package with a copy of the isotope transfer form to identify the authorized user in the event of an accident or loss of package.

The package must be wipe tested for removable contamination prior to transportation. Documentation of the wipe test is not required.

Transporting Radioactive Materials by Automobile

Prepare the package using the guidelines established under Package Preparation.  No personally owned vehicles are to be used, all transports of radioactive materials, with the exception of exempt sealed sources, must be transported in a University owned State vehicle.


Radioactive Materials Transfer Form

Radioactive Materials Transfer or Gift Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Building
  • Building
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    If different from transfer date
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY