Rey McGehee, RSO

Rey joined our department in 2006.  As the University Radiation Safety Officer he manages and maintains the University Radiation Protection Program. Assure that all uses of radioactive material are: Conducted safely, Adhere to the conditions of the license and license application, and Result in exposures to personnel which are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).
He manages the data base, the Web site and develops and teaches the Radiation Safety courses. He coordinates all applications for use at the University and is responsible for maintaining the “Cradle to Grave” inventory of radioactive materials. Some of his other duties include overseeing the WSU Radioactive Air Emissions license and performing the annual unity calculations.

Rey has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lewis and Clark State College.

(509) 335-6763

John Sullivan, Health Physicist

John has worked on dosimetry, bioassays, laboratory surveys, meter calibration, and machine program. Recently he has taken over the RSO shipping program and has been working on laboratory decommissioning.

First coming to WSU as an undergraduate in chemistry, he took a short hiatus to University of Utah for graduate school where he received his Master’s of Science for the synthesis of marine alkaloid natural products.  After returning to WSU in 2011, he spent 10 years working as the chemical hygiene and safety officer for the Department of Chemistry while managing the department stockrooms.


Brayden George, Health Physicist

Brayden joined the Radiation Safety Office in the Summer of 2023. His main experience with radiation safety comes from Utah State University. He earned his degree in Industrial Hygiene and Master of Business Administration from Utah State University. Brayden supports all operational activities of WSU’s Radiation Safety Program including surveys of radiation labs, waste collection and disposal, lab consultation, and compliance with state and federal regulations.