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Rey McGehee, RSO




Rey joined our department in 2006.  As the University Radiation Safety Officer he manages and maintains the University Radiation Protection Program. Assure that all uses of radioactive material are: Conducted safely, Adhere to the conditions of the license and license application, and Result in exposures to personnel which are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).
He manages the data base, the Web site and develops and teaches the Radiation Safety courses. He coordinates all applications for use at the University and is responsible for maintaining the “Cradle to Grave” inventory of radioactive materials. Some of his other duties include overseeing the WSU Radioactive Air Emissions license and performing the annual unity calculations.


Rey has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lewis and Clark State College.

(509) 335-6763


Kreta Johnson, Health Physicist

Kreta presently manages the radioactive material shipping program, the radioactive sealed source program, radiation producing machine program, reciprocity program and manages the laboratory survey program for several buildings. Kreta’s previous RSO experience includes managing the meter calibration, dosimetry, and bioassay programs.

Kreta was the first female ever hired in a technical position in the Radiation Safety Office. Kreta came to Radiation Safety in 1999 with a diverse background. Prior to the Radiation Safety Office she was the Quality Assurance Officer for University of Idaho Analytical Sciences Laboratory, Environmental Safety Specialist for Public Health in Idaho and Environmental Technician for Washington Water Power in Spokane. She received her bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science from Washington State University.

(509) 335-7058