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Radiation Safety Committee


Any interested parties are invited to attend Radiation Safety Committee Meetings


May 12th 2020
9:00 AM
Neill 416




  • Reviews, evaluates, and approves safety standards, facility standards, training requirements, and license requirements associated with the use, storage, and disposal of radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines, except for facilities and activities governed by federal license, in accordance with the requirements of WAC 246-235-090.
  • Reviews and approves all radioisotope procurement and utilization on campus
    Submits a written report to the vice president for research on audit activities performed, including results of audits and unusual or abnormal findings.


Composition and Tenure

The Radiation Safety Committee shall be composed of at least 8 University faculty or staff knowledgeable in the fields which relate to radiation safety and serve 3-year terms
Director of research assurances and the radiation safety officer shall be permanent members.

The chair of the committee shall hold a full-time permanent faculty appointment, and shall be appointed by the president of the University upon recommendation of the vice president for research.

The secretary of the committee shall be the radiation safety officer
Chair is nominated for approval by the president
Responsible to the president through the vice president for research.



Committee Membership

Wilkinson, Tom
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Committee term end: 2021
Chair term end: 2020

McGehee, Rey
Radiation Safety
Secretary/Radiation Safety Officer
Permanent member


Kluzik, Mike
Office of Research Assurances
Permanent member


George Tabatadze
U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries
Committee term end: 2022





Guo, Xiaofeng
Committee term end: 2021


Omsland, Anders
School of Global Animal Health
Committee term end: 2021


Rolfsmeier, Michael
School of Molecular Biosciences
Committee term end: 2020






Chauvin, Theodore
Biomedical Sciences
Committee term end: 2020


Hines, Corey
Reactor supervisor
Nuclear Science Center
Committee term end: 2021


Schmuck, Burton (Billy)
Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Committee term end: 2021